September 23, 2023

Making Stress a Superpower

Walden Wise is offering a free, six-part email series with actionable advice, activities, and conversation starters to help kids you care about turn stress into a strength.

Stress Can Help Kids


At Walden Wise, CoCreators are learning that positive stress, eustress, can lead to heightened focus and increased productivity and that developing effective coping strategies is scientifically proven to support emotional well-being. A certain amount of stress can actually be good for kids and help them grow and adapt.

Talk: Back-to-School Emotional Health

Greenwell camp

Children live in worlds created by adults. Walden Wise is a new community dedicated to bringing caring adults closer to each other to learn and share what works on behalf of children. Engaging in conversations with kids always supports our guiding practice of nurturing authentic relationships.

Walden Wise CEO Curated Summer Reading

Dr. Kathleen O’Brien, CEO of Walden Wise, has released her personally curated books for a 2023 summer of rewarding reading. Each book choice is a meaningful step in fostering the emotional growth of kids.

Walden Wise’s Summer Reading List

Walden Wise’s CoCreator Summer Reading List has been curated for 2023 to help you read alongside the children in your life who will be including reading in their summer schedules. CoCreators invite you to make the most of this opportunity, download a reading list, and enter to win a copy of one of the highlighted books.

Is There a Good Side to Stress?


Walden Wise, a new community dedicated to improving the emotional health of children, will be exploring stress with six CoCreators in an upcoming two-part seminar facilitated by national experts.