March 22, 2023

Three of Four Lexington Park Highways Upgrading

The four major roads of Lexington Park are all state highways. Three of them are undergoing repaving and upgrading.

FDR Boulevard Construction Commences

The construction of FDR Boulevard between Great Mills Road and South Shangri-La Drive is finally underway.

Work Begins on Great Mills Road Resurface

asphalt paving Trading Post

SHA has begun resurfacing 2.5 miles of Great Mills Road, including the Chancellor’s Run Road intersection.

Cherry Cove Launches Revival of Great Mills Road

Great Mills houses demolished

Cherry Cove’s redevelopment of a huge swath of Great Mills Road heralded as accelerating revitalization of Lexington Park.

Jaywalking Across Chancellor’s Run Road

A young family stops traffic on Chancellor’s Run Road to get to the other side.

County Moves Toward Buck Hewitt Widening

Residents appeared wary but intrigued Thursday by St. Mary’s County’s plans to finish widening Buck Hewitt Road in Great Mills.

FDR, Tulagi, Rennell, Unite!

Learning from prior mistakes, the draft 2011 Lexington Park plan proposes new road connections.