April 11, 2024

FDR Boulevard Construction Commences

Posted by the Lexington Park Business and Community Association
Bay Leader

metcom FDR project

Click to see a larger version of MetCom’s FDR Blvd. project in Lexington Park, Maryland.

The construction of FDR Boulevard between Great Mills Road and South Shangri-La Drive is finally underway.

The trucks and tractors you see  between Executive Salon Suites and St. Mary’s Lighting are under contract to the St. Mary’s County Metropolitan Commission (MetCom). MetCom is replacing the 50-plus-year-old sewer line with a larger pipe and also installing a water line to serve the future site of the Lexington Park Volunteer Rescue Squad near the library. This portion of the work is expected to be completed in early May.

St. Mary’s County awarded Great Mills Trading Post the contract to complete the road’s construction. If MetCom’s work is finished on time, then the FDR Boulevard road, sidewalk, bike path and landscaping and decorative lighting construction project will be underway by the end of May and completed sometime this fall.

And, not to be ignored, Great Mills Road is getting another face lift!  The State Highway Administration will resurface Route 246 from St. Mary’s Square all the way to Route 5. Work includes milling, resurfacing and re-striping all through travel lanes as well as the Route 237 (Chancellor’s Run Road) tie-in with Route 246.

This work will take place at night, from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. through Thursday.  During these hours, a lane closure and flagging operation may be used to guide motorists through the work zone.

Eighteen thousand vehicles travel on this important stretch of MD 246 each day. Let’s keep working together to improve Lexington Park!

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One Response to “FDR Boulevard Construction Commences”
  1. Moose says:

    Of all the locations that FDR is not complete, this has the least impact. Drive a few hundred yards to South Shangri-La Drive and you are there. Instead of wasting money here, the last place that should be completed, how about behind Lowes to further that section? This is an easy way out for the County commisioners that FDR is being worked. This is so wrong.

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