January 23, 2020

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Thursday, January 23, 2020

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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

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Sunday, January 19, 2020

SIF Ensemble to Perform at Museum -

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Armed Drones Risk “Perpetual War”

The report states armed drones should not be “glorified nor demonized” and resulting civilian deaths are fewer than from manned strikes.

DoD Prime Contractor Performance Analysis Released

Pentagon Capitol

The 2014 Performance of the Defense Acquisition System report analyzes prime contractors in terms of contracted products and services.

F-35 Fleet Temporarily Grounded, Inspections Ordered

F-35C JSF formation

Mandatory inspections of F-35 fighter jets ordered before further flights after a Marine Corps F-35B suffered an in-flight emergency.

Alternatives to the LCS Beginning to Arrive

The Navy taskforce seeking a future with or without the LCS is beginning to receive industry specs for alternatives.

Congress Resists Personnel Benefit Cuts

The Joint Chiefs and DefSec Hagel say personnel cost cuts necessary to preserve “readiness”, but Congress remains committed to preserving benefits.

House Proposes EA-18G “Growler” Funding

The House adds $450 million to the Navy’s proposed fiscal 2015 budget for five Boeing EA-18Gs, 17 short of the desired 22 aircraft.

Morning Coffee: 2014 Outlook for Large Contractors


2014 will be a tough year for defense contractors, but if companies can endure the fiscal year the worst could soon be in the past.

Morning Coffee: UCLASS RFP Details and Analysis

Potential Boeing UCLASS

The draft RFP is designed to generate industry input on design, development, construction and deployment.

Morning Coffee: Boeing Pushes for Growler Funding

A pair of Boeing EA-18G Growlers, XE 573 166857 and XE 571 166855 of the VX-9 "Vampires" bank over the desert.

Contractor believes the Lockheed F-35 stealth jet fighter is vulnerable to advanced radars that can’t “see” Growlers.

Morning Coffee: Wind Farm Debate Continues

Eastern Shore wind energy

The Baltimore Sun expresses its support for the proposed wind farm and advocates a “win-win” solution that also protects NAS Pax River interests.