July 14, 2024

Corps Receives 60th KC-130J Super Hercules

The US Marine Corps received its 60th KC-130J aircraft in March; the aircraft includes improved navigational performance, a modernized cockpit, and other key upgrades.

CBO Still Sees Billions in Savings in the Military


Capping pay, scrapping aircraft, slashing benefits and a host of already discussed military and veterans program reforms reappear in this year’s CBO annual “options for reducing the deficit” report.

Morning Coffee: Nine Months Until Sequestration

capitol hill

Roughly $500 billion in automatic defense cuts are less than a year away if Congress does nothing.

Kudos to Harvest Hawk

Program labeled as Pentagon acquisitions done right.

This Door Shoots Missiles

Marines get first Harvest HAWK modified with a “Derringer door.”

$1.1 Billion for JSF Engines

Pratt & Whitney takes the prize: sole-sourcing the F-35’s business end.