May 24, 2024

100 Amendments OK’d for House DoD Budget Debate

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House will consider 100 out of 180 amendments to the DoD budget bill, debate began Tuesday under the shadow of White House veto parameters, says Defense News. Among the approved 100 amendments, reports Defense News, is funding for NSA’s email surveillance program. The Hill details the factions and the arguments expected to support and oppose the amendments. Congressman Steny Hoyer predicts Democrats will support an amendment requiring the president to consult with Congress regarding how Syrian rebels will be armed, reports Politico.

Congress allowed President Barrack Obama to send arms to Syrian rebels, but the White House has thus far taken no action and the debate continues, says CNN Security Clearance, which also reports that Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey is not a proponent of increasing US involvement in Syria. Despite his disagreement, Senator John McCain dropped his threat to put a hold on Gen. Dempsey’s appointment to a second term as chairman, reports The Hill.

Pentagon continues with plan to purchase $550 million worth of helicopters from Russia for the Afghan Special Mission Wing, reports Defence Talk. Gen. Dempsey tells the Senate Armed Services Committee US is on track in Afghanistan.

Intercepts begins reporting on second quarter defense contractors’ earnings. Lockheed-Martin led off Tuesday, their revenues down.

UCAS-D completed 16 precision approaches to the flight deck, nine touch-and-go landings, two arrested landings, three catapult launches and more than 160 precision approaches and six arrested landings at NAS: Pax River, reports Examiner.

Now, with budgets tight, is the time to put new ideas on the table, says DoD’s Deputy Chief Management Officer, reports Gov Exec.

Images from Johns Hopkins University show work has halted on North Korea’s missile launch site, reports CNN Security Clearance.



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