May 22, 2024

OPM Outlines Discipline Policy for Unvaccinated Federal Employees

Federal agencies have received guidance from the Office of Personnel Management outlining the discipline process for employees who refuse to be vaccinated. Employees must get the vaccine by Nov. 8 to comply with the federal mandate. Disciplinary action could begin the next day.

DefSec Mattis Issues Farewell to Troops

Opposition to Foreign Aid Cuts James Mattis

DefSec Jim Mattis issued his farewell Monday as he turned over his duties to Deputy DefSec Patrick Shanahan. Mattis urged DoD personnel to “keep the faith in our country and hold fast, alongside our allies, aligned against our foes.”

Hornet Crash Was 2nd Involving Aircraft From the Reagan

An F/A-18F Super Hornet assigned to the aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan suffered what authorities believe was a “mechanical issue” during routine operations Monday over the Philippine Sea. The crew was forced to eject. It was the second crash in less than a month involving aircraft from the Reagan.

Sailors’ Personal Data Stolen

Hack the Air Force

The personal data of more than 130,000 sailors in a re-enlistment approval database was stolen from a contractor’s laptop. The Navy said that a computer supporting a Navy contract was “compromised,” and that the names and Social Security numbers of 134,386 current and former sailors were accessed by unknown persons.

F-35s Perform Well Against Army in War Games

defense stocks

No F-35 was “shot down” during the fighter jet’s first major participation in Green Flag exercises, but is not as maneuverable as F-22 or F-16.

Dunaway Spreads the Word: Open Architecture

VADM Dunaway makes no secret about NAVAIR’s goal of bringing more work in-house and using open architecture.

Drones Sliding from Military Budgets

Work is halting, RFPs are slipping and budgets for unmanned military vehicles are falling.

The Values of Higher Education

southern maryland higher education center

America’s leaders are calling for advancement of knowledge to address critical global and social and economic challenges.

Some Strikers Return to Lockheed

F-35 Joint Strike Fighter production

Lockheed says some machinists have returned to work at the Joint Strike Fighter plant.