July 20, 2024

Pax F-35 Pilot Makes 1st Night SRVL on UK Carrier

F-35 Pilot

An US Navy F-35 Lightning II test pilot from NAS Pax River performed the first night shipborne rolling vertical landing, or SRVL, aboard HMS Prince of Wales, the United Kingdom’s newest aircraft carrier, in Atlantic waters just after 9pm Oct. 29. This came after MAJ Paul Gucwa had performed the first SRVL earlier that day.

Lockheed Top Dollar Contractor Again

The General Services Administration released FY22’s financial commitments federal agencies made to their top 100 contractors. As in past years, Lockheed won more than anyone else, $47.7 billion – nearly as much as the next two combined: Raytheon scored $27 billion and General Dynamics at $24.7 billion.