June 23, 2024

Dyson Sponge Bob Spreading Holiday Cheer

Dyson Sponge Bob

It’s that time:Dyson Sponge Bob, pulls on his Santa outfit and bring smiles to young and old travelers through Great Mills, MD.

Dyson Building Center Enters E-Marketplace


Dyson Building Center in Great Mills, MD, will open an e-marketplace in Sept. 2015, competing with comparable pricing, head-to-head with box stores.

Get Ready: It’s Summer @ Dyson’s

Dyson windmill

Seed the yard, invite the birds & neighbors to a yard suited for your summer comfort, from Dyson Building Center.

Fertilizer to Repel Deer at Dyson Building Center

Seven kinds of mulch in different colors, various potting soils, lime, peat moss, & green, repellantfertilizers are in stock.

It’s Always Green at Dyson Building Center

Dyson Building Center offers a full array of organic lawn and garden necessities and extras, including ladybugs and worms.

Dyson Building Center Gets Greener Every Day

“Pretty progressive stuff for a small business that has been around now for nearly 100 years,” says Neal Dyson.

Dyson Building Center is Going Green

A complete conversion to solar is powering all of Dyson Building Center, and that’s just a start of a transformation of the family business.

Top-notch Boat & Dock Accessories & Coatings

Dyson Building Center expanded their Marine section with an array of products for boats, docks, and piers, crafted to stand up to the Chesapeake Bay.

Weekenders Join Locals – Find It @ Dyson’s

Supplies made specifically for Bay enthusiasts, from crabbing to fishing to camping supplies to traditional oil lamps. Melanie Dyson shows off some of the stock here.

Dyson Opens New RV & Marine Depts.

“A little bit of everything that you need,” says Melanie Dyson, and they can order most everything else.