June 27, 2022

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McCain: Amp Up Defense Spending to Counter Threats


Sen. John McCain says the US needs to spend much more on defense to counter rising threats worldwide.

Eligibility for Overtime Expanded

Under new rules announced Wednesday, millions more American workers will be able to receive overtime for extra hours worked.

Autonomous Tools Urgent Needs of Warfighter

RADM Mark Darrah

The warfighter needs solutions yesterday, tools that support mission autonomy are urgently sought.

NAWCAD Director Urges More Business Partnership

NAWCAD Executive Director Leslie D. Taylor stands ready to engage the business community in fruitful partnerships.

F-35 Pilot Smart Helmet: State of the Art

The F-35 helmet with DAS capability is the brain on the brains.

Grosklags Speaks at TPP/ANA Panel

VADM Paul Grosklags

Expect “the same themes, the same strategic imperatives,” says the new Commander of NAVAIR. The mission remains ensuring the fleet is “ready to fight tonight.”

Tech Demo Day: Outside-the-Box Thinking

Pax Partnership

The Patuxent Partnership, Hyperion Technologies, and SMIT bring the first Tech Demo Day to Southern Maryland, it’s hailed as a success.

TPP/ANA Panel Discussion Set March 10

VADM Paul Grosklags will headline The Patuxent Partnership’s March 10 panel.

Pax River Event Highlights Suicide Prevention

suicide prevention

Sunrise event Aug. 26 at NAS Pax River highlights suicide prevention.

NAWCAD in 2030: The MMOWGLI Assessment

Dale Moore brown bag 3

NAWCAD’s MMOWGLI results are in and will be presented at a TPP Brown Bag Briefing March 24. Register here.