June 27, 2022

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UCLASS Decision Coming Soon


A decision on whether the UCLASS aircraft will be primarily a scout or a bomber could be made this month.

Wind Farm Delay Possible

wind turbine farm

Sen. Mikulski placed language in the defense bill that could prevent the wind farm from proceeding until a turbine side effects study is completed.

Defining the Future of K-MAX

NAVAIR is now working with the Marine Corps on formal requirements and new concepts of K-MAX operations.

The Top 20 UAS Manufacturers


A photo review of the 20 UAS manufacturers considered as having the greatest potential impact in coming years.

X-47B Precursor to Larger UCLASS Fleet

The Northrop Grumman X-47B’s future is unclear and a debate about just how much strike capability UCLASS aircraft should provide is still underway.

Intro to On-Line War Game Coming to Lex Park

Pax Partnership introduces Massive Multiplayer On-Line War Game Leveraging the Internet to Lexington Park, MD, Aug. 7, 2014.

Marines Could Fly F-35 to UK


The Marines could decide they have no concerns about their F-35 jump-jet models and allow the jets to travel overseas.

Air Combat Electronics Shifts to Civilian Leadership

Candace “Candy” Chesser, former deputy for PMA-209, succeeds Capt. Tracy Barkhimer, retiring from the Navy after 26 years of naval service.

House Reviewing Defense Procurement System

capitol hill

The House is conducting a yearlong probe in an effort to address fundamental flaws in the way the Pentagon buys weapons systems.

DoD Prime Contractor Performance Analysis Released

Pentagon Capitol

The 2014 Performance of the Defense Acquisition System report analyzes prime contractors in terms of contracted products and services.