March 20, 2019

Lighthouse Exhibit Opens in Piney Point


The “Offshore Lighthouses of the Potomac River” exhibit has opened at the Piney Point Lighthouse Museum and Historic Park in Piney Point, MD.

Pax Habitat New ReStore to Open Sept. 19


Patuxent Habitat for Humanity ReStore to open at Sept. 19 in St. Mary’s Square, Great Mills Rd Lexington Park, MD, next door to Ollie’s.

Prosthetic Finger & 3D Printer Win Crab Pot Pitch

prosthetic finger

Prosthetic digits took the first prize at Southern Maryland’s first innovators pitch contest, and an affordable 3D printer took second.

Come Help Plan the Annual Parade

March 12’s LPBCA meeting covers planning for the parade and the Health Enterprise Zone grant.

Entrepreneur Education Continues

Southern Maryland Innovation and Tech Meetup: Entrepreneurial Education Series: Crafting Your Business Plan Pitch – Feb. 19

Maryland’s $1.6 Billion Industry We’re NOT Capitalizing On

With an equine industry that currently brings in roughly $1.6 billion, Maryland is poised to profit even more from development of Hor$e Power.

Transform Energy into Positive Pugilistic Results

Knowledge Boxing Center can help you learn, grow and get in shape with classes for all ages M/W/F at the Carver Rec Center.

Get the COPS a Bike for the Holidays

Keeping the COPS bike patrol “off the street” is a cause the Lexington Park civic association is taking up. The bikes cost $1,000 apiece. Their crime prevention techniques are proving priceless.

SMIT! SMIT! Entrepreneurs & Investors Shout It Out

Southern Maryland Innovation & Tech is a group determined to keep entrepreneurial energy alive and thriving, sponsored by TEDCO, NAWCAD, Adela Technologies & St. Mary’s County

Monday Deadline to Support Blight Law

Anti-blight laws are pivotal to revitalization. Lexington Park’s civic association is calling on citizens to support the anti-blight law currently before St. Mary’s County commissioners.