June 8, 2023

More Remains Could Be Returned from No. Korea

More Remains Could Be Returned from No. Korea

DefSec Jim Mattis said that relations between the US and North Korea may be warming to the point that US forces could be allowed to return there to find more war remains of US servicemembers.

Chinese Officers Named in Military Secret Thefts

Hack the Air Force

Chinese military officers named as co-conspirators in theft of JSF design and other military secrets, helped by a Chinese aviation entrepreneur in Vancouver and facing extradition to the US.

No Defense Against Some Cyber Espionage

Hack the Air Force

Newly detected malware affecting institutional computer networks worldwide is a form of cyber espionage that can’t always be removed.

Alternatives to the LCS Beginning to Arrive

The Navy taskforce seeking a future with or without the LCS is beginning to receive industry specs for alternatives.

US Charges China With Cyber Espionage

The alleged economic cyber spying by a Chinese military unit was aimed at gaining competitive advantages for Chinese companies.

A Contentious Week Ahead for DoD on The Hill

Military budgets, military strategies, military industries and military security concerns convene in Congress this week as the Navy’s latest communication satellite orbits overhead.