February 24, 2024

Newly Eligible Vets: 1 Year to Claim Benefits

Thousands more veterans became eligible for Veterans Affairs health care on Oct. 1 under a law expanding benefits for former service members sickened by environmental exposures. The largest group to be eligible are certain post-9/11 veterans who hadn’t previously enrolled. They have a one-year window to sign up.

Border Wall Savings Add 20 Miles of Barrier

border wall

Pentagon chief approves 20 more miles of barriers between Mexico and the United States after seven other border wall projects came in under budget.

DoD to Decentralize F-35 Program


The letter to the Pentagon announcing plans to decentralize the F35 program office came from the newly reconfigured office of the undersecretary for acquisition and sustainment. Each service running its own program is a more traditional model.

Navy Seals Open to Women in 2016

Navy Seals

The Navy also hopes to increase female recruits to offset overall lower recruitment rates in this generation.