June 25, 2022

Art & Lifestyle:

Two F-35Bs on Deck

New video shows testing maneuvers of two F-35Bs on USS Wasp.

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F-35B Performs for Press

Marines show off the F-35B’s vertical landing for reporters.

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Senate Urges VA Cuts

Senators volunteer veterans to “lead by example” in debt crisis.

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Budget Could Delay Ford

Navy proposes delaying new supercarrier two years.

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Dempsey Down on JSF

New Joint Chief’s Chairman says three F-35 variants may be too expensive.

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UCAS Drone Cruises

X-47B UCAS-D cruise

X-47B flies without landing gear extended.

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Security Checks Costing Jobs

Contractors losing jobs after bad credit on routine background checks.

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Virus Infects Combat Drones

Malware said to be monitoring operators’ keystrokes.

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Coffee Returns Tomorrow

Columbus Day

Enjoy your Columbus Day!

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Video: E-2D Rides EMALS

Latest video from magnetic catapult testing at Lakehurst.

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