February 28, 2024

War Becomes More Complicated


Cyber war, hybrid war, terrorism, space security; more battlefronts than ever confront the US military; policy makers struggle to build readiness.

Maryland Offshore Wind Farm Leases to be Auctioned

Eastern Shore wind energy

Federal officials announced wind energy development leases would be offered for 80,000 acres at least 10 nautical miles off Ocean City late next year.

Snowden: NSA Spy Mission “Collapsing”

In a recent letter to “the people of Brazil” NSA leaker Edward Snowden offered to help that nation investigate alleged American spying but would require Brazil to provide political asylum because the US “government will continue to interfere with my ability to speak.”

For Quick Results, DoD Could ‘BRAC’ Two Commands

With the president scolding Republican hawks for holding up military needs by continuing sequestration, the Pentagon evaluates drastic budget cuts in DoD, such as eliminating two commands and 5,000 jobs.

Auditors Continue to Warn of JSF Future Unaffordability

China producing competitive UAVs, Asian-Pacific defense budgets growing and terrorists are changing their communication patterns.