November 29, 2023

Message from a Cap’n: Season of Jellyfish, Turtles, Ospreys

With the water temperature in the 80s, jellyfish are taking over. Bad news for swimmers. Good news for oysters.

Waterfowl Blinds Licensing Open ’23-24 Season

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources is offering an online process for Maryland hunters to apply for a 2023-2024 waterfowl blind site license, which reserves a location for a landowner or authorized individual to place a hunting blind.

MD Offers Free Fishing Day on July 4


The Maryland Department of Natural Resources offers a license-free fishing day for all state residents and visitors on Tuesday, July 4.

Catch a Snakehead & Maybe Win a Prize


The northern snakehead tagging program is continuing this summer in an effort to spur removal of invasive fish from Maryland’s waters.

Message from the Cap’n – Osprey Return

Two of the most famous osprey couples of Island Creek — Mr. and Mrs. Perfect and Mr. and Mrs. Bennet — returned to their nests March 5, 2023, from their winter digs in Central America. For the second year, the Perfects have defied osprey tradition by arriving together. And now the Bennets have accomplished this feat as well.

Catfish Still Problem in Chesapeake


Wet, Wet, Wet times brought catfish downriver with the lower salinity to the point that they have become a dominant species. Catfish dominance became obvious in 2018, still the wettest year on record for the Chesapeake Bay watershed, its impacts still affecting the rivers today. Now 2022 has clocked in as the third wettest year on record in Maryland, suggesting the trend is likely to continue.

Can Soft Shell Clams Revive Aquaculture?

Fifty years ago, soft shell clams were so plentiful in the Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay that we used them for fish bait or sold them when we could for about $2 per basket. Today, they’re rare as hen’s teeth, and Morgan State University scientists hope to help make soft shell clams a viable aquaculture product, boosting the shellfish industry.

DNR: Still Time to Order Trees, Shrubs

Orders are being accepted for the spring 2023 planting season for shrubs and trees from the John S. Ayton State Tree Nursery, managed by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

Special Hunt Day for Vets, Military, Youth

Maryland’s youth hunters, veterans, and military personnel will be afforded a unique opportunity to experience Maryland’s tradition of waterfowl hunting Feb. 4, 2023.  

Cap’n Jack IDs Wintering Birds in the Chesapeake

birds wintering in the Chesapeake

While winter sends some of the Chesapeake Bay wildlife to warmer climes, the bay remains active throughout the season with many different ducks and birds wintering in the Chesapeake. Here are some of the ducks — and an eagle.