January 16, 2019

Message From the Cap’n: Cold Snaps a Comin’

Government has closed down the readings on the Interpretive Buoy System in the Chesapeake Bay, but nothing is going to stop winter from making its annual mark on the region. Check out Cap’n Jack’s take on it all starting with the fishing report through predictions for another cold snap over the full moon in January 2019.

Why Oysters Matter: An Ecologist’s View

SlackWater why oysters matter

Oysters are not the only filter feeders in the Chesapeake Bay. Fish, other mussels, plankton, and other invertebrates also filter food from the water. However, not all filter feeders are created equal.

SlackWater Explores Bay Oyster’s History

SlackWater Explores Bay Oyster's History

Once strictly utilitarian in value, these oyster cans — part of James Banagan’s collection — are now prized for their aesthetics and historic meaning.

Convenience Centers Recycle Oyster Shells

While not a traditional harvesting month, St. Mary’s County begins accepting used oyster sells at its trash transfer stations in June.

That Chill in the Air Means Oysters at Lenny’s

Break out your oyster knife and learn Chef Dan Rebarchick’s Oyster Rockefeller recipe, then check out what else is cooking at Lenny’s!

How to Open an Oyster, No Matter What

The Chesapeake Bay’s most famous bivalve doesn’t make it easy to eat.

Thanksgiving Oysters

Oysters for Thanksgiving are as traditional in SoMD as turkey.