September 24, 2021

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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

From the Cap’n, Interesting Crow Facts

American Crows are very social, inquisitive, and sometimes mischievous. Crows are good learners and problem-solvers, often raiding garbage cans and picking over discarded food containers. They’re also aggressive and often chase away larger birds including hawks, owls, and herons.

Ways to Help the Songbirds

Federal and state wildlife officials in the mid-Atlantic region are asking people to stop feeding birds and providing water in bird baths amid dozens of reports of mysterious songbird deaths.

Waterspouts: View From Afar

Waterspouts are fascinating to witness especially if you see them in the distance. Cap’n Jack says of the waterspouts he photographed here, “This was very interesting to see from afar.”

From the Cap’n: Summer’s Waning

Chesapeake Bay blue crabs have been scarce the whole season. Prices are the highest in history. Theories abound as to the cause. Cap’n Jack says, “This is how Mother Nature works sometimes.”

Drone Takeover Tested From St. George Island

In addition to the osprey returning to St. George Island last month, some new visitors appeared briefly in the air stream – small drones.

Winter in the Chesapeake

Jelly Fish & Others bald eagle

The lower Potomac water temperature is 38 degrees F – usually the season for oyster boats to be prowling, but the pandemic has brought no demand for oysters and low prices. But a lot of the Chesapeake Bay birds and ducks are back for the season.

Bay Fisheries Takes COVID Hit

Striped Bass

The coronavirus has upended the Chesapeake Bay fisheries, says Cap’n Jack — both the commercial aspects as well as Recreational and Charter fishing continue to suffer setbacks. Good news for consumers: prices have fallen.

Christmas Time on St. George Island Remembered: Lena Denny

St. George Island

Lena “Baby Lena” (Poe) Denny, 1935-2010, recalls her memories of Christmas growing up on St. George Island — and includes the family’s eggnog recipe — guaranteed to produce a “Blissful Christmas.”

Sea Nettles Never Leave, Message From the Cap’n

Sea nettles

Condensed milk will neutralize a sting in the eye, or elsewhere, from sea nettles, says Cap’n Jack Russell. Watermen, he claims, wouldn’t go crabbing without a can along side ’em.

Goin’ Crabbing? Some Hints in Message from the Cap’n


After what seems a false early start in March, the crab season is running a bit behind schedule as May moves into June.