July 25, 2024

Looking Back 50 Yrs. at Hurricane Agnes – Message From the Cap’n

I watched Tropical Storm Agnes, 50 years ago this month, change my small part of the watershed, for the worst. It hasn’t recovered. Experts say none of the Chesapeake Bay recovered from Agnes.

Bad Crab Vibes for Upcoming Season

The 2021-22 oyster season was record breaking and watermen rejoiced. On the other hand, the 2021-22 crab survey, an annual measurement of the upcoming season’s crop, was also record-breaking. And there’s no rejoicing.

Message from the Cap’n — Martins Coming Home in April

Purple Martins

The Purple Martins will begin arriving in a couple of weeks — they usually reach the nests dangling at the Cap’n’s St. George Island dock between the 10th and 13th of April. “You will know when they arrive,” the Cap’n says. “They start singing and don’t stop through the course of their stay.

Message from the Cap’n — Ospreys Return to the Chesapeake

The fish hawks have returned to the self-proclaimed Osprey Capital of the World: St. George Island in the Chesapeake Bay. Welcome!

Message from the Cap’n — Awaiting the Osprey

Some of the Chesapeake Bay osprey are already heading up the 77th parallel from Central America making their way back to their home nests. Expect to see them by St. Patrick’s Day.

Great Blue Herons at Home in the Bay

Great Blue Herons are also called Johnnie cranes locally, sneaking along the shoreline in the summertime, pierce a soft crab, flip it, send it down the hatch. But you can catch glimpse of their fishing skills all year-round.

Message from the Cap’n — As the Bald Eagle Flies

After another couple of good dustings of snow, the Captain’s reflections turn to what he has named the “Rulers of the Sky in Winter: The Bald Eagle.”  

Message from the Cap’n: Rockfish Young of the Year Survey


The Striped Bass Young of the Year index is a little better than last year, but still below the long-term average.

Message from the Cap’n: Listening to Dolphins


Oyster season has opened, and the Cap’n is eavesdropping on dolphins — but pauses to also add some autumn oystering and waterman wisdom for the ’21-’22 season.

From the Cap’n, Interesting Crow Facts

American Crows are very social, inquisitive, and sometimes mischievous. Crows are good learners and problem-solvers, often raiding garbage cans and picking over discarded food containers. They’re also aggressive and often chase away larger birds including hawks, owls, and herons.