May 22, 2024

Academies Teach Loyalty to Constitution

At a time when trust in traditional institutions is eroding, the academies are teaching the next generation of military officers that their loyalty must be focused on the nation’s democratic underpinnings rather than on any individual.

US Approves Small Nuclear Reactors

Amid rising interest in nuclear energy as a tool for reaching ambitious decarbonization goals, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission will issue a final rule certifying NuScale’s small modular nuclear reactor design, touted as safer and scalable.

NAVAIR Building on Unfunded Priority List

Congress might well approve the $5.7 billion the Pentagon wants in its unfunded construction request for FY23. But Congress can only approve those that are 35% done with planning and design. NAVAIR is on the priority list.

Another Helo Goes Down in Pacific

Army UH-60 Black Hawk

An Army UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter went down Tuesday in the Pacific Ocean during a nighttime training mission off Hawaii.

LHS Grad Flies Advanced Helicopter

Andy Pagliarulo

Andy “Pags” Pagliarulo graduated LHS in ’07, today Lt. Junior Grade Pagliarulo in the U.S. Navy, flying the MH-60R Sea Hawk.

VA Guns for MD Jobs

Virginia openly courts Maryland contractors with tax incentives.

Marine Sims Start Talking

Two simulator networking advances will change how Navy and Marine pilots train.

Morning Coffee 7-5-11

Lockheed to design Seahawk radar periscope.