December 1, 2022

Who’s Who on St. George Island/Paul Haskell

St. George Island

Mary Gale Adams’ “A Who’s Who of St. George Island” has been called “a true oral history” by Andrea Hammer, conceived, produced, typed, written, hand-bound, and covered by Ms. Adams. St. George Island is positioned 6 miles up the Potomac River from Point Lookout, MD, and traditionally home to some 200 families. Almost up to when these oral histories were compiled, in 1994, most families were supported by commercial fishermen and used boats for commerce and as avenues to travel around the Chesapeake Bay. — Jack Russell, brother to Ms. Adams.

“A Who’s Who of St. George Island”

Volume I

April, 1994

by Mary Gale Adams

As told by Paul Haskell Sr.:

Paul Haskell Sr. was married to Irma T. Haskell and had two sons; Paul Haskell Jr., who married Sally, and James T Haskell, who married Sherry. Their grandchildren are Kristin, Ryan, Logan, Savan, and Buyon.

Frank B. Haskell and wife Elizabeth built the cottage in 1934. There were four children, Frank B. Jr., Virginia Chesser, Trueman, and myself. We and our families enjoyed it together until 1965, when Irma and I became the owners.

The cottage was built by Ed Brown (Carl and Francis’ father) of St. George Island, and enlarged by Ray Norris in the 1980s. It is on St. George’s Creek, a part of the Dr. Barber tract.

I am originally a native of Washington, DC, where I graduated from Eastern High School.

I was a member of the Seabees ( Naval Construction Forces) in WWII in the South Pacific, and the Seabees Korean Service, California Sierra Test Site.

I retired as a CEC USH officer and again retired as a civil service employee of Naval Facilities Engineering Command.

Although not raised on St. George Island, I have been a part timer since I was fifteen years old (now seventy-five) and now retired.

I try to be there more than ever as I feel the Island is really home.

The Island Community Association is managed by a small group of dedicated people who serve to rally the residents, and serve as a focal point  and voice for anything that affects the welfare of all.

I glory in the beauty and solitude, and basking of St. George Island and Piney Point, in the warmth of the wonderfully friendly people.” 

Betty Russell’s store in the morning is the FOUNTAINHEAD OF ALL KNOWLEDGE – where the better lies are told by those such as:

David Sayre ( the Champ), Joe Thompson, Pinky Nagel, Harry Potter, John Browne of Leonardtown, Olie Olson, Tally, Willie Hawkins, Jack, Herb Gisrel and John Chapman……….assisted by trainees Paul Chesser, Frank Lampkin, and Joe Dent and so many other whose names I can’t grab.

To find more histories of St. George Island or learn about tours and trips into the Chesapeake, visit Fins + Claws’ Leader Member Page. Or get hold of Jack at  [email protected] or 240-434-1385.

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