November 29, 2023

Two Mid-Atlantic Ophthalmology Practices Merge

Two Mid-Atlantic Ophthalmology Practices Merge

Whitten Laser Eye — with locations in Charlotte Hall, Richmond, and Washington, DC — announced its merger with Chesapeake Eye Care and Laser Center of Annapolis.

It’s Time to Toss Out Your Reading Glasses

Two Mid-Atlantic Ophthalmology Practices Merge

Dr. Mark Whitten wants you to throw away your reading glasses!

Whitten Turns Skeptic Into Fan With Improved Vision

Two concurring second opinions convinced a doubtful Barbara Ives she had the top diagnostician and surgeon for her eyesight, Dr. Mark Whitten.

College Kids Can Benefit From Lasik


Glasses and contacts are a hassle, and the last thing a college student needs is more hassle. If you have considered LASIK now is a great time to get the clear vision to enhance your time in and out of class. Dr. Mark Whitten can help.

Meet Dr. Whitten of Whitten Laser Eye


Meet Dr. Mark Whitten of Whitten Laser Eye. He has been recognized by VISX as one of the top 10 surgeons in laser vision correction.

Whitten Laser Eye Expands to DC


Whitten Laser Eye has been improving the lives of patients in Southern Maryland for years, and now Dr. Mark Whitten is expanding his services to Washington, DC.

Common LASIK Myths and Misconceptions

whitten laser eye

Dr. Mark Whitten of Whitten Laser Eye talks about common myths and misconceptions about LASIK eye surgery.

Getting Older? Notice Changes in Your Eyesight?

Dr. Mark Whitten

Have you noticed some changes in your vision? Are you over 45 and find it more difficult to see up close? Have you had to readjust the font size on your mobile device? How many pairs of over-the-counter reading glasses do you have stashed around your house? You are not alone, Dr. Mark Whitten says. You have presbyopia.

Get the Most Out of Your Tax Deductions; Claim LASIK

Jack Whitten

Dr. Mark Whitten of Whitten Laser Eye wants to remind those who are considering LASIK surgery that it is tax deductible.

More Than Man’s Best Friend


Dogs, like humans, can track where your eyes are looking.