December 4, 2023

Whitten Turns Skeptic Into Fan With Improved Vision

Barbara Ives, an active community member and director of strategic partnerships for the College of Southern Maryland, grants manager for The Patuxent Partnership, and now a client of Dr. Mark Whitten, knew she wouldn’t be going in for elective vision improvement. It just sounded too scary. “It’s your eyes!” she says, opening her own wide. But she also knew how tired she was of her glasses and vision deficiencies.

It was her husband who finally convinced her to at least visit Dr. Mark Whitten at Whitten Laser Eye, if only to learn about the options.

The first appointment was a complete shock.

“He said I was a good candidate for LASIK surgery, but he would not do the surgery because I had glaucoma. He went on to say that after the glaucoma was taken care of, he would then schedule the LASIK,” she says. “After a few seconds of collecting my thoughts to ask some good questions, he further explained…Yes, in both eyes. I kept asking him if he was sure and he kept telling me he was. So I went to seek a second opinion.”

The first specialist she asked for a second opinion told her, “Dr. Mark Whitten made the diagnosis? Then it’s true.” So she went for a second, second opinion. “The next one said the same thing. Twice,” she said. “Both attempts to get a second opinion told me if Dr. Mark Whitten had diagnosed me their opinion wasn’t necessary.”

More than convinced of a correct diagnosis she had Dr. Mark Whitten operate on both eyes for glaucoma. “He was professional and honest with me about what he would do, what kind of discomfort I would experience, and for how long. Every bit of it was correct. And the follow-up was tremendous.”

Two months later, Dr. Mark Whitten performed LASIK surgery on Ms. Ives. Again, she said, the experience was tremendous and successful.

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Visiting Dr. Mark Whitten and the team at Whitten Laser Eye is simple, with 3 convenient locations in Southern Maryland, Washington, D.C. and Richmond, VA.

The Whitten Laser Eye location in Southern Maryland is easy to reach. Only 30 minutes south of the Washington D.C. beltway, the center is located at 37767 Market Drive, Charlotte Hall, MD 20622. The center offers free parking right off Route 5 and beautiful scenery. The convenience makes the value of seeing a world-class vision correction surgeon like Dr. Mark Whitten an easy choice.

Learn more about Dr. Mark Whitten and LASIK eye surgery on his Leader Page.

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