April 23, 2024

Do “Driverless” Cars Mean Changes for Insurers?

As driverless cars become a reality, legislators and insurers must determine how we are going to receive them.

Major Grant to CSM Gives Freshmen a Helping Hand

CSM will use major SIP grant to help freshmen become acclimated to the college experience, with such services as tutoring and peer mentoring.

Real Estate Market Strengthening

Data shows improvements in the residential market as a whole, and most recently improvements for sellers.

FEMA Chief Can’t Delay Flood Insurance Changes

“This is a national issue. This movie is coming to a theater near you,” says Louisiana Senator trying to block rate hikes associated with the new law.

Great Credit Key to Growing your Business

Credibility with business loan lenders starts with great credit. Here’s what you need to know.

Will Maryland’s ACA Response Leave You Needing More?

Some employees may want to consider private insurance options if their employers opt to pay the penalty instead of subsidizing coverage.

Sotterley Showcases Itself as an Event Venue

Schedule your next event at Sotterley Gardens, Barn, Plantation House Portico, Spinning Cottage, Warehouse or Riverside Pavilion; combine or customize to meet your needs.

Health Insurance Exchange Contested by Six States

With less than 40% of the nation enrolling in exchanges, the Affordable Care Act is being taken to court by small business owners.

Don’t Risk a Federal Wage Lawsuit

With Federal wage and hour lawsuits at surprisingly high level, Sterling Insurance Agency helps clients keep up to date with informed and insured business practices.

Workers’ Comp Lowers Premiums for Most Employers

.A reworking of a key piece of the workers’ compensation rating formula will change premiums for employers.