May 17, 2024

That Chill in the Air Means Oysters at Lenny’s

Break out your oyster knife and learn Chef Dan Rebarchick’s Oyster Rockefeller recipe, then check out what else is cooking at Lenny’s!

Hot Oyster Stew for Those Cold Fall Nights

Try Lenny’s Restaurant’s oyster stew recipe this fall, then stop in and enjoy even more local cuisine, classic dinner dishes and scrumptious seafood favorites.

Holiday Ham Southern Maryland Style

Get a taste of Southern Maryland’s take on a holiday ham. Try Chef Dan’s recipe for stuffed ham at home or order one today.

Cooking With Chef Rebarchick: Herbs 101

Cooking with and growing fresh herbs is easier than you think. Lenny’s Restaurant has tips and tricks to share.

Comfort Inn and Suites with The Party Bus

Enjoy the Potomac Jazz and Seafood Fest without worrying about parking and driving!

Chef Rebarchick Grows Lenny’s Herbs for Best Flavor

The owner and chef of Lenny’s Restaurant introduces the first of a series of videos about cooking with, growing, preserving and appreciating fresh herbs easily grown in Southern Maryland.

Poker Run to Fund Vacations for Vets

motorcycle rider motion

Grapevine Collectables, Dyson Building Center and Lenny’s Restaurant to participate.

Oysters, Eat ’em, Grow ‘Em & Get a Tax Credit


Dan Rebarchick grew up watching the fresh food of Southern Maryland make it onto a diner’s plate at Lenny’s. He calls Chesapeake Bay oysters “the best in the world.”

Winter Warmer: Chef Dan Rebarchick’s Oyster Rockefeller

Oysters Rockefeller or with butter and garlic are quick fixes for parties or meals.

Traditional Oyster Stew in Minutes

Chef Rebarchick shows how to shuck, cook and grow your own oysters from the Chesapeake Bay.