March 26, 2023

Lexington Park: A Big Change of Plan

Since the 1990s plans were for office space at the Flattops. That’s changed, according to a refreshingly honest assessment of what the future of Lexington Park really will look like.

Battle of AICUZ; Coming to a Theater Near You

An Achilles’ heel for the Navy, a linchpin for Lexington Park, will the 800 AICUZ properties turn the tide in the Revitalization War?

Crashes and UFO Reports? It’s the 50s Again at Pax River


The mid-20th Century was a time of extreme experimentation for Pax River, and it’s becoming that way again.

AICUZ as Greek Tragedy

Lexington Park’s tragic flaw is dependence on the U.S. Navy.

Morning Coffee 8-8-11

Half of all next-gen weapons systems cancelled or cut back.

Be There. Stake Claim.

This is the third time we have tried to codify improvements to Lexington Park, or, in non-legal speak, tried to “fix” St. Mary’s County’s single urban landscape.

Swapping EULs for AICUZs? It’s All Alphabet Soup

So here’s the Win-Win alphabet soup.