December 7, 2023

7 St. Mary’s Projects Receive State Rural Counties Funding

Seven St. Mary’s County projects have received grants from the Rural Maryland Economic Development Fund.

Another Master Plan Introduced to Lexington Park

If we can land a drone on a carrier, why can’t we make Lexington Park a nice place? Sixty-seven years of trying and we’re still planning.

Turnkey, Mixed-Use Property for Sale on Great Mills Lane

22,000 vehicles a day pass this 3-Story Building with Multiple Use -1st Floor & basement suitable for Professional Office/Retail/Doctor office, 2nd Floor Apt with 3rd level loft, 2 baths

Today Is the Future for Lexington Park

“The future is not a gift, it’s an achievement.”

Love Bulldozers, Hate Blight

Great Mills houses demolished

Can we make blight illegal in Lexington Park?

Park Plan Due Next Month

“Participate, stay involved, spread the word” to make the Lexington Park master plan become a successful revitalization.

The Time is Now

In the upcoming year, citizens will have the opportunity to help revive Lexington Park.

Need Our Own Planners?

Some say Bay District planning board – not just a vision – is needed.

Proposed Roads Win Praise

Proposed road configurations emerge as best part of new Park plan.

Revamp and Connect

Retrofits and new street connections fill the final draft of the Lexington Park Master Plan.