June 16, 2024

SlackWater: Changes at Cedar Point


The changes at Cedar Point at the onset of World War II transformed St. Mary’s County from an isolated farming community to a newly shaped culture. In 1940, the population of St. Mary’s rested at 14,626, a figure that had remained relatively constant since the first census in 1790. But by 1950, that figure jumped to 29,111.

Wanted: Former Flattops, Carver Heights Residents

flat tops

The second annual Lexington Park Cherry Blossom Festival will include some special guests this year. The St. Mary’s Community Development Corp. has invited former residents of Lexington Manor (aka The Flattops) and Carver Heights as special guests to the ArtsPark event April 8, 2018.

Lex Park ArtsPark Cherry Blossom Fest Set April 8

artspark cherry blossom festival

The Lex Park Arts Park will welcome visitors to its second annual Cherry Blossom Festival beginning at noon Sunday, April 8, 2018. If the weather is just right, a couple hundred cherry trees could be in full bloom.

Preserved Flattop Opens to the Public

A ribbon cutting is scheduled for Dec. 9 at 2 pm to celebrate completion of the preservation and opening of the interior for public use, serving as the United States Colored Troops Memorial Interpretive Center for St. Mary’s County.

Lexington Park: A Big Change of Plan

Since the 1990s plans were for office space at the Flattops. That’s changed, according to a refreshingly honest assessment of what the future of Lexington Park really will look like.

The Last Flattop

The last “Flattops” house still stands near Lancaster Park.