December 7, 2023

Storied Canada Geese

Canada Geese

There are no waterfowl so storied as the Canada goose.

Furlough & Sequestration Demand Local Diversification

As federal budgets tighten Maryland became the only state in the region to undergo significant job loss during April.

“Nice Guy” Attorneys Inspire Shane Mattingly

It isn’t everyone who grows up hanging around lawyers and politicians and comes away thinking they’re nice guys and half a lifetime later still believes it.

A. Shane Mattingly Knows the Law


Get an attorney with experience in many areas of the law.

Get the Right Lawyer on Your Side

A Shane Mattingly screenshot

Mattingly has 25 years experience representing regular working men and women.

DNA Swabbing vs. the Fourth Amendment

DNA evidence

Did Maryland’s Appeals Court deprive police of a valuable tool or protect our Fourth Amendment rights? Or both?

Pax to Present

Dr. Guyther’s newest local history book tracks the development of Pax River.

Why a Cross?

st. clement's island cross

St. Clement’s Island was the first landing site of the first English settlers in Maryland on March 25, 1634.

Thanksgiving Oysters

Oysters for Thanksgiving are as traditional in SoMD as turkey.

Facing Overwhelming Odds

Attorney A Shane Mattingly recalls legal fallout from the 2000 Patuxent River oil spill.