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Message From the Cap’n/Hummingbirds, Our Tiny Visiting Friends


The Cap’n … in more recent days

Message from the Cap’n is a compilation of fishing advice, waterman and weather insights, Chesapeake lore, and ordinary malarkey from the folks who keep their feet wet in the Potomac and St. Mary’s rivers.

The Cap’n is off viewing hummingbirds right now. At least three feeders, none matching, all hang within view of his traditional chair of rest come evening, or other various rest times.

Different sizes visit Cap’n Jack Russell’s feeders, some perch and draw the sugar-water from the feeder, others never stop mid-air flight while their neck and long beak are stationary.

As the Cap’n now returns, tearing himself away from hummingbird antics on the Chesapeake, he resumes:

The feeders need to be kept clean. And they need to be frequently replenished with a 1 part sugar to 4 parts water mix. This appeals to numerous hummingbirds of various plumage, size, feeding behavior, and temperament. Letting the feeders dirty or failing to change out the sugar/water mix draws bees and wasps.

About the temperament of these tiny birds, some of them fight as do Jack Russell terriers, just because another one is near.

The most amazing thing about Hummingbirds is that they utilize torpor — turning their body temperature way down — to protect themselves from the cold, mostly using the technique to protect themselves at night.

Our hummingbirds usually arrive in Maryland early in May, with the males usually arriving first. Most leave in September.

Placement of hummingbird feeders is very important and we found out that our feeders might be too close together (three within 6 feet), causing many fights. We, like others who do not have many hummers, are constantly looking for ways to increase our population.

We all look to learn more about these fantastic creatures. Here are some interesting Hummingbird facts.

Please email me some of your success stories.


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Till next time, remember “It’s Our Bay, Let’s Pass It On.”

Check out the Potomac River Interpretive Buoy system for details on current water conditions.

Reach Cap’n Jack at arster694@gmail.com or 240-434-1385

To learn about tours and trips into the Chesapeake, get more information on Fins + Claws’ Leader member page.

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