May 24, 2018

CV-22 Tech Upgrade

CV-22 Osprey

NAVAIR publicly solicited five contracts Friday.

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Defense Bill Signed

Obama has signed the Defense Authorization Bill, despite reservations.

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NAVAIR Upgrades the V-22


Contracts solicited and awarded for the tilt-rotor aircraft.

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Pentagon Trimming Brass


DoD is thinning the ranks of generals and admirals.

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$1.1 Billion for JSF Engines

Pratt & Whitney takes the prize: sole-sourcing the F-35’s business end.

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Iran Rattles Its Sabre

Iranian Navy threatens to close vital oil cargo passage.

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JSF Lot 5 Augmented

Lockheed gets modification of the contract for next batch of F-35s.

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Contract Protests Heat Up

With fewer contracts available, military contractors are fighting for those remaining.

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The Combat Dragon Lives

Funding for the light attack aircraft has been restored in new bill.

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Raytheon Wins Big

NAVAIR solicited five new contracts yesterday and awarded four others.

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