August 19, 2018

Poseidon Gets Bold

p-8a poseidon flutter test

P-8A Poseidon makes its debut in Navy’s “Bold Alligator” training operation.

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Sikorsky Maintains Trainers

Contractor gets $26 million for T-34, T-44 and T-6 maintenance.

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‘Acquisition Malpractice’

Pentagon weapons buyer is blunt in his assessment of F-35 program.

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Drones Flights Expanding?

FAA bill now in Congress could speed adoption of domestic drone flights.

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Cut Feds to Fund Defense?

budget axe

Republicans propose cutting Federal workforce to make up defense cuts.

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Poseidon Contract Modified

Contract update will support interim flight clearance for P-8As in the special mission configuration.

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BRAC Gets Death Threat

capitol hill

HASC Chairman Buck McKeon reportedly says he will “kill it.”

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Is BRAC a Bluff?

Another round of base closures, or just Washington Monument Syndrome?

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APKWS Gets Real

Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System II gets a maritime demonstration and laser switch upgrade.

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Dogging on the JSF

The media environment is not kind for the F-35 this week.

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