April 2, 2023

Grosklags Speaks at TPP/ANA Panel

VADM Paul Grosklags

Expect “the same themes, the same strategic imperatives,” says the new Commander of NAVAIR. The mission remains ensuring the fleet is “ready to fight tonight.”

Pax River Event Highlights Suicide Prevention

suicide prevention

Sunrise event Aug. 26 at NAS Pax River highlights suicide prevention.

VADM Jan Tighe to Brief Pax Community

VADM Tighe is the Navy’s first female to command a numbered fleet, assuming command of U.S. Fleet Cyber Command/U.S. TENTH Fleet (FCC/C10F) in 2014.

Dunaway Opens “New Defense Environment” Panel

Vice Adm. David A. Dunaway

NAVAIR Senior Leadership will discuss AIRWORKS, Additive Manufacturing, Open Architecture, Weapons Modularity and Integrated Warfighting Capability (IWC), Sept. 24.

Unmanned “Automated,” Emphasizes DBED

Kmax helicopter

UAS doesn’t only mean “aircraft” systems, Sec’y Murray tells government. Industry and academic leaders leverage the region’s brain-trust and a UMd research/incubator to go farther.

Education is NAVAIR’s Life Blood

Sharing some knowledge across industry and military will enhance the region’s educational network already supporting the STEM programming NAVAIR needs, says VADM Dunaway.

Making a More Coordinated Business of NAVAIR

Vice Adm David Dunaway

Each discipline of NAVAIR “has been brought up individually… (not) in coordination with each other…We’re going to take a real hard pull on trying to make our business systems connect,” says Dunaway.

NAVAIR Comptroller: ‘It Could Have Been Worse’

As the FY15 DoD budget shakes out, the Navy’s rallying cry has become, ‘It could have been worse’ followed by a warning cry ‘It isn’t over yet.’

Military Budgeting to Reallocate Industry’s 87%

Vice Adm. David Dunaway

“It’s going to be real important to get control of things within the United States government that we have been abdicating out to large industry,” says VADM Dunaway describing basic budget guidance.

Cuts + Attrition Net Journeymen Jobs @ PAX

Jobs will be cut at PAX as military cost cuts continue, but attrition is expected to be much larger than reductions. VADM Dunaway expects PAX to remain in a hiring mode.