July 13, 2024

Foreign Hackers Targeting US Computer Systems


The top US intelligence official warns of an alarming rise in cyberattacks. The number of ransomware attacks worldwide grew as much as 74% in the past year, and US entities were the most heavily targeted in 2023. The Biden administration has updated the policy for how agencies oversee and manage critical infrastructure sectors.

Navy Recruiting Down; Army, Air Force OK


Reversing previous years’ shortfalls, the Army and Air Force are on track to meet recruiting goals this year, but not the Navy. While improving, the Navy hit less than 70% of its recruiting goals for the first half of fiscal 2024.

Confidence in US Military Lowest in 25 Yrs.

American confidence in the United States military — 60% — is at its lowest point in 25 years, according to a new Gallup poll. The all-time low came in 1981, on the heels of the Iran hostage crisis.