January 21, 2018

Trump Names Shulkin for VA


Trump includes announcement of his VA secretary nominee at the first press conference he has held since winning the presidential election.

Is the Best Fighter Ever, Worth It?

F-35 simulator

A video of the F-35 simulator gives viewers a run for their money, something critics say the F-35 is doing to America.

Senators Move NDAA Forward with War Fund

John McCain

Senators vote 83-15, include $38 billion for DoD from the war fund and move NDAA toward a vote possible as early as Thursday.

House Takes Bipartisan Action on Cybersecurity

Hoyer Jobs Growth Dec. 2016

Congressman Hoyer makes a statement on cybersecurity.

We Fear Russia More than China

Russia swapped with China and is this year our most feared enemy. North Korea holds steady in second place.