December 4, 2023

Who’s Who on St. George Island–“Baby Lena” Denny

St. George Island

Lena Marie “Baby Lena” Denny was a “Tom Boy,” growing up on St. George Island, who climbed the Silver Maple trees in her yard until Hurricane Hazel blew them down and missed the school bus on purpose to ice skate on the creek with her best buddy Tommy Poe.

The 1920s on St. George Island, MD

St. George Island

Wendell J. Chesser was 12 in 1920 when he began his “eternity” of “eight long years” working aboard his father’s pungy, the Joe Smith, out of St. George Island, MD.

Marriotte Elise Thomas Bowman: Who’s Who of St George Island

St. George Island

One grandmother was a renown seamstress and the other the midwife on St. George Island before there was a bridge and “that was an important responsibility.”