June 19, 2018

DC a Magnet for “1-Percenters”

money stack

Mega-rich individuals are often providers and innovators of information technology such as cyber-security, cloud computing and data mining for both commercial and federal customers.

Here Come the Entrepreneurs, All Over Again


The Pax River Navy base has always drawn entrepreneurs to Lexington Park, MD. With aeronautics the increasingly important base of so many emerging technologies, it is happening again.

Pine Hill Tech Park Draws Start-up Interest

A growing number of small, start-up companies are looking for flexible pricing and space options near NAS:Patuxent River; Pine Hill Tech Park has an accessibility edge.

Entrepreneur Tom Watts Seeks the Arc of Success

Tom Watts seeks to discover the “arc” of successful entrepreneurs, retelling a story of Warren Buffet’s young vision of success.

Finally, Good News

New businesses are surviving better; they’re doing it by lowering costs.