July 23, 2024

Marines Use Games to Recruit

Few events capture raw aggression of the Marines’ boot camp rite of passage as when two recruits try to clobber each other with padded poles as weapons, pugil sticks, to the cheers of onlookers. Now, with graphics out of Star Trek, the Marines are simulating the pugil stick experience as a recruiting tool,

US to End Helium Sales, Still Bullish on Drones

The Federal Helium Reserve will stop selling helium to private users in October. A slowdown in military investment in UAS has not slowed the industry.

DoD to Lay Off 84,000 Temporary Workers

Pentagon aerial

All DoD civilian workers face a weekly day off without pay if sequestration cuts hit.

Morning Coffee 8-17-11

Russians claim PAK FA fighter is equal to JSF.