June 13, 2024

US Sticks With Policy to Keep Turkey Out of F-35 Program


The Biden administration is sticking with the policy of keeping Turkey out of the F-35 JSF program. The US urges Ankara not to keep the S-400 defense system it purchased from Russia in 2019. Turkey should instead invest in the American-made Patriot air defense missile system, the Pentagon says.

Confrontations Escalate in Persian Gulf

Iran escalates confrontations with US warships in the Persian Gulf.

US OKs Moon Shot by Firm Seeking Prize Money

Turns out the moon is made of money, not limburger cheese.

Explore Space at Museum Event


The Spaceflight America Museum and Science Center at the Arthur Storer Planetarium will host a slide show and youth concert featuring space-themed music and astronomy Sunday, March 6, 2016.