February 3, 2023

Explore Space at Museum Event


The Spaceflight America Museum and Science Center at the Arthur Storer Planetarium will host a slide show and youth concert featuring space-themed music and astronomy Sunday, March 6, 2016.

The museum and planetarium are in Calvert High School at 520 Fox Run Blvd., just off Dares Beach Road in Prince Frederick, Md.

The museum exists to promote, preserve, and restore artifacts and technology that chronicle the history of manned and unmanned spaceflight. It educates the public, and inspire the next generation of dreamers. The Spaceflight America Museum captures and presents an evolving snapshot of exploration of space as seen through the world of the scientist, engineer, and space traveler.

The core of the museum’s collection is composed of artifacts from the American, Russian, and Chinese manned-space programs. This includes the precursor to the Mercury space suit, part of the wing from the Space Shuttle, a console from Mission Control Houston, the walk-through International Space Station exhibit and a hands-on Kidz Zone. Other artifacts include tools and equipment used in space and items tested or used by astronauts on the Space Shuttle, Apollo and ISS. Visitors also will have an opportunity to be an astronaut and operate one of the simulations, such as flying the XV-50 Rocket Plane, or even landing on the moon.

The Spaceflight America Museum is part of Volanz Aerospace Inc., a nonprofit corporation formed in 1998 to provide space science and space-related high technology education and research opportunities.

Call 301-812-6480 or visit the museum’s website.

On March 6, come enjoy a performance, slide show and unique partnership between COSMIC and the museum beginning at 4 pm. The COSMIC Symphony will perform in the atrium of the high school. The planetarium is next to the school’s main entrance.

The symphony will perform Mozart’s symphony No. 41 “Jupiter” and various selections from Holst’s “The Planets,” all set to a slide show comprised of images from the museum’s photograph archive.

“I think it is quite appropriate for an orchestra named COSMIC,” Sigmund Gorski, co-founder of the museum, said.

Tickets are available at the door or online. Tickets to visit the
museum are $3 per person and can be purchased with your concert ticket or at the museum on the day of the performance.

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