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Artist Mortified; Tosses Out No-Brainer

Posted by JefClark Art
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Mortified at the speed with which his last Where in the World is That (WitWit) entry was identified, within an hour of posting, Jeff Clark decided to change course and this week submitted what he called “another no-brainer, apparently.” Then he challenged readers to name this “no-brainer” in less than an hour.

“We’ll see who gets up with the chickens, and who doesn’t,” he said.

Where in the World is This?

Where in the World is This?

St. George Island resident Chris N, a former high ranking official in the U.S. Department of State, scored the fast win in the Nov. 1 WitWit photo contest, identifying the former slave quarters at Sotterley Plantation.

“Wonderful to get this news,” said Chris, an avid follower of Where in the World. “I am a great admirer of JefClarkArt photos and always happy to win a contest.  I look forward to receiving my prize as I like that part as well.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Clark wished to assure future participants that despite these recent “softball” scenes, his last few images of the year after this will be, “well, different.”

What has not changed is the ability for participants to identify where this photograph was taken/what it depicts, and the first correct answer submitted below will receive a print from JefClark Art archives.

This week’s contest operates under the same rules as ever:

The first rule is this: There are basically no rules placed on the photographer: Where in the World is This allows the use of photos taken just about anywhere. Faithful readers know that the majority are of scenes found near  Lexington Park, Maryland, subjects presented are largely found in St. Mary’s County and surrounding Southern Maryland.

However, faithful readers also know, the Pax River community in the heart of Lexington Park, Maryland, extends across the world. Indeed, “Where in the world isn’t Pax River?” would produce a shorter answer. Given that consideration, it thus becomes the photographer’s job to “occasionally mix things up a bit,” as Mr. Clark explains the contest.

Mr. Clark did this once slipping in a New York City photo of the 9/11 Memorial. At the other end of the spectrum from this memorial shot, was his cheap shot, turning Checkers’ red umbrellas green. Clearly an indication of Mr. Clark’s appreciation of the first rule upon the photographer.

The photographs might have been taken from an unusual angle or bathed in a strange light or cropped to make their identities not immediately apparent, as Mr. Clark is at lengths to explain. He confesses, “I would like to say there will be no tricks played on readers, but this would be an outright lie.”

However, the second rule upon the photographer is this: All shots are of objects or scenes that can be found in plain view and that are open to one and all; perhaps not immediately identifiable shots to those without keen powers of observation, but all qualifying shots must be available to be seen by all.

Participants’ job is to identify the photograph. Mr. Clark’s arbitration on the winner rules.

At the end of this article there is a form to easily submit your guess.  The first reader to submit the right guess as to the identity and whereabouts of the scene displayed in the photograph at the top will receive a modest gift from the archives of JefClarkArt.

Note: completing the form does not lead to any mailing list business; we promise. He is not lying about this. Participation in the contest doesn’t actually lead anywhere. It’s just a test of whether you’re game. Or not. Now, participation as a photographer … you may ask us about those specifics in the comment section below as well. We’ll let you know about some upcoming photographic opportunities with The Leader in 2014.

Thanks for playing! 

Amateur photographer Jeffrey Clark launched JefClarkArt from his studio on St. George Island in 2011.  By going to his website and clicking on the Flickr Photostream option, readers can view and perhaps purchase an intriguing array of photographs taken across Southern Maryland, Nova Scotia, South Africa, Baltimore, Washington, Antietam Battlefield and now the Pacific Northwest and Appomattox Court House.  There are lots of St. Mary County scenes to be found there.  He occasionally takes on customized assignments for clients.


4 Responses to “Artist Mortified; Tosses Out No-Brainer”
  1. Jack says:

    Naval air museum , LP city

  2. Chris N says:

    Me and Chicken Little are up but “Jack” beat me to the keyboard! I was going to guess Andrews Air Force Base but then I would have been wrong wouldn’t I??? Cock a doodle do!

  3. Jim D says:

    sometimes its not about being first…or even right. i vote that the image is of newborn babies in the maternity ward at st. mary’s hospital.

  4. Lance LeRocque says:

    It would appear to be a plane from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio.

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