March 22, 2023

Sights and Colors of Ethiopia

Founder of WiTWiT, photographer Jeff Clark returns from a once in a lifetime trip, except he’s been there before and before … just never on a 15 day photo shoot before.

A New Winner & A New Contest

Sailors with Southern Maryland Sailing Foundation/Sailing Center Chesapeake appeared in last week’s contest. This week looks more like a member of Jack Sparrow’s crew.

The Answer Is: Great American Desert

From the desert in winter to the sea in summer, the new WiTWiT photo contest is covering new territory, looking for new players. Join in.

Where in the World Says Bon Voyage to JefClarkArt

Jeff is heading to Ethiopia and the WitWit photo contest is changing. But today, enjoy a sampling of the JefClark Art collection available at his website.

Extra Edition of WiTWiT

Guess right, send your photo in next month. Guess wrong and, well, guess wrong.

Previous Champ Reclaims Where in the World Title

Chris N is the champ to beat with more identified photos than any other WiTWiT participant. Don’t know what WiTWiT is? Better read on.

Where in the World Extra from The Art Park

Ambiguous, nebulous Art Park will soon be hosting the WiT2 photo, video, whatever contest where winners can win a showcase for their own photos or videos.

Artist Mortified; Tosses Out No-Brainer

Photographer Jeff Clark was shocked when his last WitWit image was identified in an hour. So this week he throws out a ringer and challenge: “Can you name it under an hour?”