April 20, 2024

Artist Mortified; Tosses Out No-Brainer

Photographer Jeff Clark was shocked when his last WitWit image was identified in an hour. So this week he throws out a ringer and challenge: “Can you name it under an hour?”

A Lex Park Founder Joins Philanthropy Hall of Fame

A founding fathers of Lexington Park, H. Thomas Waring is named to the Community Foundation of Southern Maryland’s 2013 Philanthropy Hall of Fame.

Fall Fest Returns to St. Mary’s Square

There’s a parade, a carnival, music, and a costume contest at the Fall Fest running Oct. 25th through the 27th at St. Mary’s Square from noon until 9pm every night.

Community Policing: Connect With Nixle

Lexington Park COPS working to improve the area. Receive information about local crime alerts, road closures, community events and more.

Lexington Park Master Plan Revived and Making the Rounds

Public presentations to county agencies are scheduled in July.

Don’t Revitalize, Re-Purpose Lexington Park

Retail won’t save Great Mills Road. It doesn’t have to, the road already offers a growing array of services. Tom Watts suggests the next Lexington Park development plan capitalize on that.