April 22, 2018

Pax River Cancels 2013 Air Expo

Pax River Air Expo 2013 logo

It’s now official: Sequestration has claimed the Pax River Air Expo planned for later this year.

Help Bring Air Expo 2013 to Pax River

Pax River Air Expo 2013 logo

Naval Air Station Patuxent River is looking for sponsors to support this year’s air show.

Morning Coffee 9-8-11

JSF could get schooled by Russian jets?

Air Dancing to the Anthem

The Amy’s Golden Knights punctuated their number at Pax River Air Expo with the national anthem.

Pax Air Expo: Day One

Check out our highlight reel of the Harrier and Blue Angel performances.

Being a Blue Angel

The pilot of the Number 5 jet for the Blue Angels explains what he will be doing at today’s Air Expo.