February 3, 2023

Two Squadrons at Pax Earn Safety Awards


The US Naval Test Pilot School and Air Test and Evaluation Squadron (HX) 21 received a Safety “S” for earning the 2020 Chief of Naval Operations Aviation Safety Award last month.

Hike in Hazardous Duty Pay Proposed

Hazardous Duty

A proposal in the House NDAA would give servicemembers a 10% increase in hazardous duty pay next year. The proposal has the potential to add up to $300 a year in extra pay for tens of thousands of troops stationed in imminent danger areas or performing dangerous jobs like flight deck duty or demolitions work.

Shooting Sparks Call for Concealed Guns on Bases


Some Navy pilots want to be able to carry arms on military installations. The request comes in the wake of the deadly shooting at Naval Air Station Pensacola in Florida by a Saudi Arabian aviator training there.

PMA-226 Marks a Year of an Expanded Mission

O-2A Pelican

The Navy’s Specialized and Proven Aircraft Program Office (PMA-226) recently marked the first anniversary of its broadened mission.

Maryland to Lose $2.5 Billion to Sequestration?

dollar cut

Officials are estimating the impact of sequestration’s mandatory cuts on the state.

Moslener Takes Charge of the Navy Test Pilot School

The new commander’s prospective successor is an Army lieutenant colonel.

Pentagon Cut Strategy Released

Cuts not detailed, but UAVs will be spared, Panetta says.

Morning Coffee 7-25-11

E-2D Advanced Hawkeye catapult launch

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell formally repealed.