July 22, 2024

Where DoD Spends Its Defense Dollars

Defense Dollars

The Defense Department’s Office of Local Defense Community Cooperation’s latest report on where the Pentagon spends it defense dollars has Maryland in the No. 6 spot. According to the fiscal 2022 report, $26.4 billion was spent on defense contracts and personnel in the state. Virginia claimed the top spot on the list.

Problems Remain for F-35 JSF Helmet

JSF Helmet

Problems still remain for the F-35 JSF’s helmet night-vision camera. Lockheed Martin officials said Friday they are aware of the issue and working to test potential solutions. Improvements to the software are underway and will be ready for testing in the fall.

US, Japan Condemn N. Korea Missile Launch

North Korea missile launch

Other countries join US and Japan denouncing the recent missile launch by North Korea. The Japanese prime minister called the incident Sunday “absolutely intolerable.”

DoD Sets Sights on Low-Ball Bids

low-ball bids

The Pentagon is looking for ways to end low-ball bids for development project from contractors banking on collecting other DoD funds later.

How Good Is the F-35 Helmet?

F-35 helmet

The F-35 helmet is a marvel, expensive, and still not everything a pilot might wish for.