March 25, 2023

Capt. Schmeiser’s Farewell Letter

Retired Pax River Commander issued this open letter to the community.

US Buys Old UK Harriers

Purchases aimed to keep Harriers flying though 2020.

Mills Takes Command

Capt. Mills relieved Capt. Schmeiser of command at Pax River today.

Centennial Highlight

Schmeiser says Pax River’s celebration of the Centennial of Naval Aviation highlights his tenure.

Best Advice? Take Advice

Capt. Schmeiser advises his successor to take advice from base residents.

Taming Base Traffic Jams

Capt. Schmeiser counts gate security and traffic improvements among his accomplishments.

Not Waiting for EUL

Capt. Schmeiser says EUL is not the only answer to space shortages at Pax River.

JSF Risking ‘Serious Mishap?’


Pentagon’s top tester thinks so.

Schmeiser Bows Out

Pax River Commander talks about his retirement and accomplishments.

Never Forget 9/11

Local officials gathered with students and the public to mark the 10th anniversary of Al Qaeda attacks.