May 25, 2024

Lockheed Hits JSF Target


Despite an up and down year, Lockheed delivered 36 F-35s to the Pentagon, making its 2014 target and retaining its sterling investment reputation into the future.

Morning Coffee: CNO – No Need for BRAC

Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Jonathan Greenert said last week that he doesn’t believe the Navy needs to go through another round of base closures.

Morning Coffee: AirLand Chair Advocates Full F-35 Funding

F-35 transonic

Sen. Richard Blumenthal, incoming chairman of the AirLand subcommittee, believes the best approach to resolving F-35 problems is to fully fund it.

NAWCAD Wins Top Admirial’s Award

CNO Award for NAWCAD

Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division receives the CNO’s commendation for its contributions to Fleet.

Supercommittee Slacking

capitol hill

Observers alarmed by committee’s lack of progress.

Remembering Roger Woods

Great Mills resident was a victim of 9/11 Pentagon attack.