April 13, 2024

COVID Spreads in St. Mary’s Schools

St. Mary’s County’s public middle schools and high schools are reporting some of the worst COVID-19 outbreaks since the pandemic began. Less than 10% of the state’s 1,449 schools have reported outbreaks, and they are of 10 or fewer students. St. Mary’s four public middle schools plus Leonardtown and Great Mills high schools total more than 400 cases.

Sabre Continues STEM Scholarships

Sabre Systems will again award company scholarships to high school seniors selected among active participants in STEM projects and course work.

A Windy Race after the SATs

The Sailing Center Chesapeake teaches students to sail, to race, to log the results and do it all without missing the SATs. A point considered in Hana Zwick’s report.

Sabre Awards STEM Scholarship to Katlyn Lyon

The professional information technology and engineering services firm awards college scholarships to students of outstanding STEM accomplishments

Leonardtown High beats St. Mary’s Ryken in the Barnacle Cup

sailing center chesapeake logo

Leonardtown edges out Ryken to take the Barnacle Cup for the third year in a row.