March 24, 2023

FOCSE Fiber Optic Kit Will Aid Fleet Repairs


New fiber-optic support equipment will decrease the number of aircraft avionics systems turned in for repair and recertification.

1,500th New Navy Mission Computer Rolls off the Line

AMC&D milestone

AIR 1.0 marks the production of the 1,500th modern mission computer for Navy aircraft.

Manich Takes Deputy Position at AIR 1.0

Tony Manich

Anthony Manich was previously assigned as the principal deputy program manager for PEO (U&W).

NAVAIR Officials Learned a Lot From Mom

Gary Kessler and mom

Officials from the Naval Air Systems Command share lessons learned from their mothers.

NAVAIR’s New Mainframe

eCASS scheduled to replace the Navy’s aging aviation support mainframes.

Poseidon Sims Arrive

Jacksonville pilots begin training for Pax-tested plane.

NAVAIR App Store?


FACE platform could create library of software for aircraft computers.

PMA-260 Leader Awarded Again

Advisor gets top civilian award for the second time.

EIS Briefing Announced

RADM Smith to brief Pax Partnership on Enterprise Information Systems.

Building the Supercarrier

Panelists discuss the challenges of integrating the USS Ford.